Fantasy List

Lists. I love making them. And ever since I have declared myself out in the Lezziedom, the so-called Fantasy List has been some-what a priority. I mean let’s face it; life is short and there’s so much to do!

Surely most of you have a Fantasy List; if not on paper, but definitely somewhere in the back of that lusty lecherous mind. And every time something radical, something that makes you go hmm….happens, you can’t help but wish you get to experience it at least once in your lifetime.

So yeah, since I very much glee on the fact of being the shameless kind, couple this with the entertainment pleasure for you reading folks, I present to you Top 5 must experience items (before my boobs start to sag and reach my 6-flab stomach) from my Fantasy List.

In random order….

1. Lap Dance: Okay, so this may sound like a dud for a start but by Gawd I still wanna get it from a tall, superbly gorgeous woman with a curvaceous body and even more curvy moves. Just like the one Shane gets from Carmen in tele-series, The L Word (aka. The Lesbian Bible). I think it was Season 4 or maybe 5?!

2. Make-Out on a Mountain Top: With the complete works; full moon, wine on ice (and other non-mentionable places), picnic basket, soft white/red bed sheet, etc etc. Mushy, yes I know. Therefore this ideally I would want with someone I am in love with. Head over heels, Can’t live without, Deep, Crazy…that sorta loowe. Cause everything doesn’t necessarily need to revolve around lust, now does it? * rule exception – the Lisa Ray kinds, I’m game even for a one night stand *

3. Threesome: Now do I really need to elaborate here? Gee…such perverts you women are! Anyway the only rule here is that I have to be the one in the middle. No supporting role for moi.

4. Break the 22 hours record: A very dear friend once boasted of her 22 hours sex marathon with her ever-amazing partner. Since then it’s been stuck in head, more like a challenge to my mojo. The maximum I have touched is around 9 odd hours, not even close I know, but honestly the fault does not lie with me but in fact with the other party. No wonder they say we live in The Instant Era. But I ain’t gonna give up.

5. Er…Karva Chauth: Okay now stop giving me that fucked in the head wala look. I belong to the 80s Bollywood generation, what can I say, I have been influenced (or maybe it’s the hot blooded Punjabi male mentality in me somewhere, well so my potential girl friend thinks).

Anyway…I want my missy to keep a Karva Chauth for me someday. Fasting all day long, traditional desi dressing, impatiently waiting by the window for her hard(ly) working Saiya. But what’s an absolute must and totally digs my fancy *hold your breath* the maang main sindoor bit. Don’t laugh, I’m serious, pretty much like one of 80s Amitabh Bachchan films – in a temple, the hero standing tall, the heroine shedding khushi ke tears, hero cutting his thumb and pouring precious drops of blood in heroine’s oil soaked hair. Okay, so maybe this sounds a bit extreme plus I belong to the rare blood group type….but you get the picture no?!

There you go…hope you ladies have been exceptionally well-entertained and find this post to be a perfect Diwali Dhamaka. If feeling a bit generous, do jot down your fantasy number in the comment section.

Happy holidays Gaysies.

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