Rohit Verma Booo Hooo!

As mentioned in some of my earlier posts; Projection of the Queer World by the Indian Media, Entertainment Channels & Bollywood, gets my balls twisted all black and blue.

And here’s the current reason for my anguish. A chameleon personified. Bigg Boss 3 contestant. Rohit Verma.

For those who are not in tune with the Indian Idiot Box can brush through these sites and increase their GK by reading useless information [Bigg Boss 3 & Rohit Verma]. For those who are aware, let me pull the trigger, straight away.

I am pissed at Rohit Verma, not because;

  • He is a back stabber
  • He is a liar
  • He wrongly accuses people over serious issues such as racism
  • Raises the bar of Bitching to a all new high
  • He is a Baba Ramdev follower (so is the rumor)

But in fact what has rubbed my wrong side is this;

According to very openly gay Mr. Verma, homosexuality is a psychological problem. A problem triggered by some childhood trauma, because of which the inner desire of man for the opposite sex is vanquished.

WTF! Psychological Problem?!

Now I am a very liberal person and I do firmly believe that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Similarly Mr. Verma is entitled to his own. And he can share this verbal diarrhea with his equally butthead housemates but what is not right is screening such shit out loud on National Television.

Homosexuality as we are aware is a very sensitive social issue in this country, where societal & parental pressure is part of a Queer person’s day-to-day life. The positive effects coming out of Decriminalization of IPC 377 are still a long way ahead. And topping it all we have misguided information being circulated by one of most powerful medium, that too by a gay man.

If the Bigg Boss officials could pull his undies up for falsely accusing a housemates of racism then why not for his displaced theory on Homosexuality.

Gaining sympathy, manipulation, switching sides, etc as part of winning a reality show strategy is understandable but what is not forgivable is nullifying the efforts of many NGOs and individuals in spreading the Queer cause, providing valid information and forcing the society to think beyond the stereotype mindset.

Its time Television Channels looked beyond low-down activities for gaining TRPs!

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