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I walk sex. I sleep sex. I dream sex. I eat sex. I drink sex. Whot! you want more? Fine then, let’s talk about sex. A little I share and a little you.

Qi Bookmark Design Competition

Queer-INK, India’s first online bookstore for everything queer aims at making accessible affordably priced books on a wide spectrum of subjects drawing upon all aspects of the queer experience. Genres include anthologies, biography, children, culture, family, fiction,, history, poetry, politics etc. Initiated under the aegis of Offside Enterprises, Queer-Ink is an initiative by Shobhna S Kumar.

Queer Night

The all Queer, Retro, weeknight Party in Mumbai is back this September. Please come in large number and party your ass off. Its a great venue, FREE entry, pay for drinks at the Bar and great music. Please note: Its not a private party but the management is very queer friendly.

Personal Lubricants : Slip Slop Slap

Funny in a time when the ever so resourceful internet is easily accessible on your cheapest mobile handset, we choose to remain so damn ignorant. And so for the betterment of such ignorant readers (be grateful and send some good karma my way), I shall use this space for some valuable Lubee education.

Gentle Or Aggressive?

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content There we were lying in bed after yet another successful Simba & Nala romping session. Getting a little too big headed (probably some orgasm related dizziness) Baby Sher crossed over to the dangerous Elephant Graveyard, all thanks to nonstop self bragging bullshit.

Doggy Love

Since the time we have started going out, I have been teasing requesting my girlfriend to get her beloved pooch “P” mated. I don’t want any bad karma affecting our …