Exploring The Redundant

It must have been a gay mosquito.
You know that one with the showy hinds,
Stripped and patterned?
It bit me and bit me bad.
For after that I have been gay.

Do you think it was the doll.
For there was something about its eyes.
Once or twice I slyly played with it.
I fear that stare has me hypnotized.
For after that I have been gay.

It could have been my tiffin box
Bright and bubbly, like how you see all girls.
For I always seemed like that as well.
It must have poisoned my lunch everyday.
For after that I have been gay.

O, a probable half culprit.
That boy living next door.
That bumble bee, in lovely tee
That one to enter my thoughts.
He must have ceased my development,
My evolution and my being.
I touched him well, once and twice
And after that I have been gay ?
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Clouds, stars, lousy humans and romantic bugs, mushrooms and starfish are what I write about. These verses are fantastical dreams and twisted realities. A rich broth of many secrets, some as is and some tempered with. Be cautious before tasting.
Mayank Bisht

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