Wine, Wait, Those Moments…

Here we are. Drinking wine.  Looking at the stars. Exchanging glances every now and then. Days, months of that wait, finally come to an end. The wait. The wait to kiss you, breath into your neck, play with your hair, kiss your breasts, feel your skin on mine. And now, here we are, making small talk, trying to hold our attraction towards each other. Just a few moments. I want them to pass. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to make a move, push the locks of your hair right behind your ears, rub your nose against mine and hold you. Simply hold you in my arms.

“Just a few moments. Wait. Finish the wine” I tell myself. It is funny. After waiting for days and being patient, these moments I wait, keeping my hands off you while you are right in front of me are unbearable. Your eyes are doing most of the talking while you’re trying to fill in a few sentences to break the silence. I can see your eyes talk to me; tell me what you want to do with me. I can see them get impatient. You’re fiddling with your glass. Not how you drink your wine usually. I start counting numbers.

I need to calm down and distract myself. 1…2…3…4…5. Damn, your eyes! Damn them! My toes crinkle; something pulls my gut hard from within. A warm fuzzy feeling within my chest. I just can’t wait any longer. I want to hold you close. Feel your breasts pressed against mine, my hands on your hips. “So do you want another glass of wine?” you ask, gulping yours down. “Ah, no. I am fine. It’s cold out here. Can I borrow a jacket?” I say. The cold was bearable actually. I was just hoping you would get the hint and make a move. You come back in, what’s called a jiffy. No glass of wine, just the jacket this time.  I smile. You know where to begin now.

You wrap it around me just like I pictured you do it. Your hands slowly slide down my shoulders to my arms. Damn that fuzzy feeling. It has taken over me. I turn towards you, look into your eyes. It’s going to happen anytime now. I feel your face lean in closer as you get down on your knees. We look at each other intensely. That moment when the silence speaks, when our eyes do all the talking, revealing our inner side, as if stripping each other from the depths of within. I close my eyes, to trap that image in my head. The image of you wanting me. I feel your lips on mine. We kiss. Your lips so sweet, so nice. I once read a quote by Jeanette Winterson which said ”To kiss well one must kiss solely. No groping hands or stammering hearts. The lips and the lips alone are the pleasure. Passion is sweeter split strand by strand. Divided and re-divided like mercury then gathered up only at the last moment.” It was only now, did I understand what she meant.

I could just keep kissing you all night long. Your lips gradually move to my neck. I can feel you breathe right below my chin. A kiss on my collarbone. I moan slowly. Your wrap your arms around me, look into my eyes and say “Let’s go inside, shall we?” I smile, lift the jacket which in the meantime had fallen down. We enter your room and you lock the door behind us.  I place the jacket on your chair and then walk towards you with that mischievous grin in my face. You are leaning against the wall, right next to the door, just watching me. I wrap my arms around your shoulders, pull you close and say “So, where were we?” You laugh, kiss me on my forehead and say “You’re too cute.” I blush. We kiss. It feels like Bliss. You grab my hips; pull me close, really close. You push me backwards gradually, towards the bed. We fall on a heap of cushions. You grin and bury your head in my neck. We kiss like there is no tomorrow, immersing ourselves into each other, bit by bit, more and more.

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