I Don’t Go Around Shouting That I’m Straight!

You know what?
You are absolutely right.
I have never, not once,
Heard you shout that you are straight.

You just smile at your father when
He does something kind
And say, “Papa I want a man
Who is as caring as you!”

You just blush at your favourite
Leading man on screen
And joke with your mother
About how lucky his girlfriend is.

You just introduce your boyfriend
To all your best friends
And tell them every detail of how
You fell so in love with him.

You just log into a dating app
And swipe left and right
As soon as you’ve clicked on
“Interested in Men”.

You just have sleepovers where
The topic turns to crushes
And you show them a picture
Of yours without blinking an eye.

You just share pictures of
Celebrity weddings on your story
And tell your parents that you
Also want a Sabya lehenga for yours.

You just tell every new lover
About every single old flame
And actually take all their real names
Even very gender specific ones.

You just always chat honestly
With your parents about social issues
And never ask ‘hypothetical’ questions
Like “But would you love me if I…?”

You just upload pictures of
Your gorgeous date nights and
Write long, loving captions with
#BestBoyfriend written in them two times.

So yes, you are absolutely right .
I have never, not once
Heard you shout that you’re straight
Turns out, you haven’t really needed to.

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