Let’s Face It, No Two Orgasms Are The Same.

Couple of months ago Neil Dosanjh launched a sexual wellness brand by the name Guptt. Team Gaysi had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with the dashing young entrepreneur. And we decided to grill him with our how, why & where in relation to his brand, the sex toys industry and the Indian market. [You can also follow them on Facebook & Instagram].


Q. Hi Neil! First, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what led to the journey of creating a brand such as Guptt?

Well, it all started a few years back when I hit rock bottom. I was unhappy with my life, my body and my relationships; at the time nothing was working for me. I began to see a mentor who guided me to live a life that was right for myself which was supported by plenty of reading and studying. I had to question my entire belief system and remove the bad wood which existed in my life (excuse the pun). One of my biggest challenges in this process was centered on love and relationships. I began focusing my learning around spirituality and sexuality which made me question the way I perceived sex and love. At this point I understood my misbeliefs that were deeply rooted in social conditioning and were reinforced by my strong Indian background.

We could never talk about sex with family; we had very little understanding about it, which in turn made it an unspeakable topic,left to be discovered on our own accord.

In school, we were taught the very basics of sex education, which was pretty much pro-creation, but nothing else in-between. With such little understanding as children, we attach negative connotations to sex. In our naïve eyes it’s a ‘naughty’ thing, even muttering the word leaves us feeling embarrassed.

I mean how did this ever happen? India is the birthplace of the Kama Sutra, we were a nation who liberated all acts of sexual pleasure. You only need to take a trip to a Khajuraho Temple to see how our ancestors symbolized sex.

I began to see sex as a spiritual practice, orgasm as a natural form of meditation and sexual wellness formed a vital component within a holistic approach to living. Only after I released my social disbelief around sex did I enjoy it and did it allow me to find happiness in who I was. I wanted to spread this message to a wider audience within the Indian culture, and this is where Guptt was born; A brand encouraging positive discussion around eroticism, liberation of expression and sexual freedom.

Q. So why is a brand such as Guptt so important?

Imagine a world where we couldn’t talk about food and eating. We all know we have to eat, but if we couldn’t encourage positive talk about food, nutritional eating, and a balanced diet, then how would we be able to live a healthy life?

We live in an era where sex is seen as a taboo subject. This culture of ours brings with it unfortunate circumstances, like sexual repression and inequality which can sometimes put individuals in dangerous situations. As a result, we see all sorts of problems like an increase in sexual transmitted diseases and even sexual abuse.

We’re here to uncover the secrets about sex and love. The most spiritual experience that most of us will have in our lifetime.


Q. In your view, how do you define sexual wellness?

Great question, it’s one I get asked quite often. So sexual wellness is all encompassing and everything related to a positive and healthy sexual lifestyle. It’s a combination of physical, psychological, emotional, interpersonal, social and spiritual elements which come together to create sexual wellness, it’s a vital component to a holistic way of life.

Q. You’ve positioned Guptt within the luxury market. What constitutes luxury in this space? How are you setting yourself apart from the other competitors?

So first of all Guptt bridges the gap between spirituality and sexuality, therefore actively encourages self-discovery. We want to inspire our customers to explore their desires and embrace the complexity of sexual pleasure.

I often say this, but until sex isn’t part of your complete self, including your spiritual self, you do not truly understand who you are. It always amazes me how few influencers talk about sex in a spiritual way, this is the foundation of Guptt which sets us apart from the rest.

Secondly, we believe that our customers deserve only the best. Our products are all British or European manufactured and renowned for being the finest in the market. Most of our range comes with at least 1-year warranty because we’re confident that our customers will be completely satisfied with their purchase. Our operations are currently based in London purely because we can offer a better product and service to our customers who want to get a real taste of luxury.


Q. While the LGBTQ community is definitely more liberal when it comes to conversations about sex and sexuality, how do they fit into Guptt’s philosophy?

I’ll let you into an insight; the universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed: being, awareness and love. Love has no sexual orientation; however, the only way we can increase our awareness is through discussion. Our philosophy is pretty much that, we talk, we discuss and we grow our intelligence about topics which society may shun. It takes courage to make a better world, we can’t just sit in the crowd.

Q. Toys have largely been objectified as objects that you play with, all the while neglecting the fact that they act as tools for enhancing your journey into various sexual experiences. Does Guptt endorse this view? If yes, how do your products fit into the scheme of helping customers break out of their own mould?

I couldn’t agree more. We highlight that our products encourage self-discovery. We want our customers to understand what works for them and what doesn’t. Let’s face it, no two orgasms are the same. We offer a range of products to suit all sorts of appetites. We tend to find that first time buyers opt for entry level products such as lubricants, massage candles and bullets, but a high proportion of our customers return back to read our blogs or work their way up to other products. There’s no rule in our book, we just want people to feel as comfortable as possible with their sexual desires. Break the mould and experiment is what we say!

Q. Toys mean different things to different people. How does Guptt view the role of toys in a person’s life?

We often get people emailing to ask if it’s possible to get addicted to their vibe, and will it stop them from finding the need for a partner. Of course not! Introducing products when going solo is all about understanding your own body. When introducing products as a couple they can heighten your sexual experience to a complete new level. Your foreplay will never be the same again 😉


Q. Apart from sexual wellness products, does your site offer any other information or experiences for customers?

We often raise discussion around topics which tend to be ignored. We run a series of blog articles to discuss these issues to allow our readers the opportunity to broaden their knowledge around spiritual sex. We also feature buyers’ guides for those customers who need that extra advice on choosing the right product for the right desire. This element of the site will be extensively developed over the coming months, it’s going to get much more interesting.

Q. In a society that views sex in complex layers to say the least, where does Guptt figure in the journey of an individual’s sexual growth?

You know that cool accepting aunty ji who doesn’t give a crap about what people think. You can tell her your problems and she always seems to have the right answers. You know she doesn’t judge you and she definitely doesn’t share your secrets. She’s only there when you need her but she’ll open your eyes to some amazing things. The rest of the family calls her crazy, but she’s got this energy that you just can’t ignore.

That’s the part we play in people’s lives.

Q. Finally, what advice do you have first time buyers that visit Guptt.in?

I’d say keep an open mind; to experience sexual bliss we have to let go!


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