Not So Gay

There is an allure to a same-sex relationship. So many of opposite gender fights are over not understanding the importance of little things.[…]

Sharing a life with a person of your own sex seems to iron out so many of the differences that come from coming from very different genders. The things you feel a little silly explaining. The need for appreciation, validation of appearance or abilities. [Link]

Beautiful. Bloody hell so romantic that it makes me want to jump into a same-sex relationship like now now. But wait minute, I have been in one. Sorry correction here, been in several. Then how did I miss this unconditional romance? This telepathic relationship? Why no happily ever after for moi?

Now at the expense of sounding like the devil – let me decode the myth – burst the happy bubble as fantasized by many on the other side.

On the whole I would say a same-sex relationship is no different from a man-woman relationship. Okay, so the only notable difference being in stead of one we have two vaginas (or two dicks) but that is about it. On the other hand similarities are mind blowing – love, passion, understanding,  sex,  arrogance, rage, ego, infidelity, cheating, ruthlessness, jealousy, violence…ah the works.

In fact a woman-woman love tango can be much tougher to survive. Meaning; it is a universal notion that there is no answer to the age-old question, what do women want? now imagine one non-figured out woman trying to figure-out another. Horror yet, the possibility of both PMSing at the same time?

On a serious note though, I believe that the nature of a  relationship depends more on the characters of the individuals involved and not so much on their genders (For instance, a man can be sensitive. A woman can be heartless). But it is our habit to over generalize everything and thereby believe in the dream-like situation wherein woman + woman = everything blissful.

The fact of the matter is all (types of) relationships come with their share of the good, the bad and the ugly. Their fate remains unpredictable, in spite of best intentions. All we can do is give it our best shot and pray that the other (man or a woman) does the same.

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