Queer Ink Presents ‘Out!’

Queer Ink invites you to the Kala Ghoda festival for their event Out!: Personal stories to inspire, enlighten and entertain us!

Out! is a Queer Ink event for individuals to speak about their personal journeys of the tipping point that propelled them to use their art to seek the queer unknown.

Queer: /kweer/
1. Strange or odd.

2. An inclusive umbrella term to refer to all non-normative experiences, both in terms of gender and sexual identities and other non-hetro-normative practices.

This event is a session of story telling – real life stories of the artists, of the “tipping point” in their lives that made their art what it is. The why, how, when of their art and the responsibilities they feel they may have as artists.

Note, this event is not about politics, activism or ideological debates on what art or queer is or should be. It is not about the politics of “voice”. This event is about artists who have fueled voices. And this event is to know what fueled them.

Ashok Row Kavi: Founder/Editor of Bombay Dost
R. Raj Rao: Writer
Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal: Theatre personality

Date : 9th February, 2012

Time : 8PM-9PM

Venue : David Sasson Library in Kala Ghoda (across the road from Rhythm House and Jehangir Art Gallery), Mumbai.

Moderator: Shobhna S Kumar

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