Do You Not Know, I Love You The Most?

I open my eyes and
see your happy bright face. Smiling.
I love lying on your lap.
I love caressing your soft pudgy hands.
I love you stroking through my hair.
I love you the most.

I close my eyes, remembering all those
tiny fleeting moments which
I have captured in my memory.
They are the ones I live with.

I open my eyes and
I see you smiling across the room
as the teacher drones on.
We share our secret jokes in the air.
I love it.

I love you laughing at my
silly attempts at humour.
I love the wrinkle on your forehead
when you think.
I love you the most.

I open my eyes and love that
you can be so overjoyed
over the silly little trinkets I gift.
I love that you blush because
you say I make you feel so special.
I love that every night you call
to wish me good night.
I love you the most.

I open my eyes but where are you?
I scream and shout but where are you?
Can you hear me?
Why is my voice so muffled?
Where did you fade away?
Why did you fade away?
Do you not know I love you the most?

I still open my eyes
and you are still there.
I can still feel the strokes in my hair,
the gentle caress of your hand.
I still love you the most.

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