Event : Read Out Loud, Queering Mythology

Hey folks, it’s time for one more Read Out Loud evening!!! The practice of queer alternate sexualities is not limited to you and me alone; but was beautifully endorsed and practiced by the Gods and Goddesses from times immemorial.

Remember how our grandparents told us those mythological stories that painted our imaginations with color and surprise? Scintillating and picturesque Lord Krishna dancing with his gopis and often cross-dressing as gopis is one such playful story that transcends the boundaries of gender. Or the revelation that Bhagirath was born of two women who indulged in sexual intercourse after the death of their husband has been part of our ‘tradition’. Also, the intense friendship of Arjuna and Krishna… Such stories leave us dumbstruck but often reveal the unique way of making sense of queerness.

We would like to invite you all to come and understand as well as share the fluidity of such stories, and enjoy the playfulness with which the old sages and monks wrote these exciting and enticing tales.

Join us on Sunday, April 12th, 6.00 – 7.30 pm at The Upstairs Studio, 14, Veronica Street, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050.

Come with bagful of stories that have left you mesmerised, or better still take some home with you! *Strictly Queer Mythological Content*

Every storyteller will get 5 minutes to share a tale, and there will be no censorship.
Don’t miss this!

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