Gaysi Zine 2 : Come Come Where-ever You Are!

There are people who keep journals, and pen down episodes of their lives. Episodes that make them laugh uncontrollably, fill the nights with tragedy, those of ‘I wish / Only if’ ones, troubles, raunchiness, love , betrayal,… We can learn something from it if we want. It can change our perspective if we allow. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you!

Some say it’s a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. We at Gaysi feel “It’s history. It’s poetry”.

The Gaysi Zine is inviting you to participate in this movement of “CREATING” Queer History. Of reshaping the landscape of queer literature. And you know what ? This is the only immortality we can share…

Do you want to participate?
Want to see your name in print next to your creation?
Want to be part of a publication that fuels the VOICE of the queer community?
Or just want to share a sentiment with the world?


We are inviting all kinds of mediums of expression. Short stories, poetry, comics, memoirs, prose, art, illustration.
LAST DATE 15-June.
email :

The content of this Zine is also a delicious fodder for the moving image artists. We are looking at responding to the written word, & to take the ideas and characters into the realm of moving image & animation. Get in touch to produce the never-heard-of stories in your own unique style!

LAST DATE : 15 July
email :

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