Photo Series: Aspirations Of Desires

Perhaps my longest running series, Aspirations of Desire aims to look into what is considered desirable in mainstream society. This series welcomes people, irrespective of gender, to be their own as they would like to be, but are somehow restricted to being something in particular which is considered ‘perfect’ for their gender. The series (till now) presents men in a light which usually isn’t popular in the mainstream.  The gender roles that have been imposed on us by the society have somehow affected our psyche so much that we are at times unable to break through and find our individuality. Of course, no one wants to assert their individuality and uniqueness when that particular thing is frowned upon, ridiculed and seen as something not ‘perfect’. The gender role of a ‘man’ ascribed to by the society is of someone who is strong, ‘masculine’ and so on and so forth. But, what if some men want to be ‘feminine’, what if ‘femininity’ is nothing but a characteristic imposed by the society to restrict people into categorical boxes of duality? What if the world is more than just the duality of positive and negative, perfect and imperfect, men and women? This series aims to look into these intricacies of gender roles and presents men in a light which would be otherwise considered to be ‘imperfect’.

Captured by: Raqeeb
Featuring: Saatvik and Prateek

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I am a research scholar of English Literature who tends to spend most of his time following his passion for photography and writing. I aim to bring a change in the way male sexuality is perceived by the mainstream. Also, love over hate, anyday.

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